Writing Effective Collection Letters

A well written collection letter must focus on 2 objectives. The very first, certainly, is collecting money that is owed. It can easily be equally important, nonetheless, to keep customer goodwill. In cases where maintaining the debtor’s company is of use to the company of yours, being careful to word the letters of yours in a manner that provides that relationship has to be a part of the approach of yours.

While also the most skillfully written collection letter template word is simply no silver bullet, keeping these 2 goals in mind and also working with the following 6 “secrets” will aid you remain on target with this conventional collection tool.

Secret #1: Prepare just before you create.

Gather as well as verify all of the facts before you start. Go through the bank account. Be ready with specifics: what was bought, amount owed, terms of payment, when fee was due, what last collection efforts are created, how (or did) the debtor respond.

Secret #2: Be to, specific, and concise the stage.

Maintain the collection letter to a single page. Use brief sentences and brief paragraphs. Language must be easy, direct, and clear to learn. Stay away from overly proper business language which can sound condescending & distant, producing an unnecessarily adversarial tone on the letter.

Secret #3: Treat the debtor with respect.

Remember, while the primary goal of yours is usually to get payment, you may even need to maintain the customer’s business. The secret here’s respect.

Stick to the golden rule, talk to the debtor as you will wish to be spoken to in case you are the receiver of the letter.

Stay away from the use of adjectives generally, especially any that may be construed as insulting or derogatory.

Whenever you can, individually sign the collection letter. This shows the regard of yours for the buyer, in addition to the value you collection on the transaction.